We offer contract cleans, deep cleans, fumigation/disinfection, death in a property cleans, hoarder cleans, post-build cleans, pre-opening cleans, removals & disposals and floor cleans & seals. Our commercial cleaning services are available nationally whereas domestic cleaning services are only available in Lincolnshire and the surrounding areas.


Contract Cleans

A clean working environment is vital, especially in our current climate and we will ensure this is the case with our carpet cleaning, window cleaning, lift cleaning, kitchen and ex...  more  

Deep Cleans

It is important that your property or office receives a thorough clean on a regular basis. Our deep cleans will remove all those stubborn and hard to remove substances that have ac...  more  


If you would like to completely sterilise and sanitise your working place we offer fumigation and disinfection services. We use a special dry chemical fumigator that releases a gas...  more  

Death in a Property Clean

When someone dies in a property there is often a lot of work that needs to be completed to turn the property back into a reasonable state. The lifestyle of the person may mean that...  more  

Hoarder Cleans

Cleaning the home of a hoarder requires tact, professionalism and sensitivity especially if the person is still living in the property. When there is significant hoarding this ofte...  more  

Post-Build Clean

Most builders are not renowned for their cleanliness and when construction work is over, you might have quite a mess on your property. You may have hard to remove stains or signifi...  more  

Pre-Opening Clean

If you have opened a new flagship, store or office, you want your opening day to go perfectly. You have planned everything to the tiniest detail and the last thing you want is for ...  more  

Removal & Disposal

Unlike most cleaners we have the capacity to remove and dispose of all your waste. Whether we are cleaning out a hoarder property or deep cleaning an industrial space, there maybe ...  more  

Floor Clean & Seal

We have the ability to clean and seal vinyl and wood flooring. These types of floors can get scratched with regular use and imperfections can become quite glaring. If your floor is...  more